Advantech Launches the WISE-PaaS Portal with Integrated Resources for a Collaborative AIoT Ecosystem

2019/01/24 | Tag:

At Advantech’s first IoT Co-creation Summit, nearly 6,000 leading professionals witnessed the release of WISE-PaaS 3.0, the latest edge-to-cloud industrial IoT cloud platform. The WISE-PaaS Portal was launched to accelerate IoT solutions development and help businesses benefit from the IoT revolution.

A one-stop website, the WISE-PaaS Portal integrates all WISE-PaaS-related resources: training, technical support, and diverse software subscription services. With a data-driven cloud platform, Advantech’s WISE-PaaS Portal drives industrial IoT solutions development by assisting system integrators and developers in quickly delivering SaaS and domain-specific IoT solutions. Moreover, Advantech works with co-creation partners through its AIoT ecosystem to ensure success in IoT-powered cloud businesses across numerous competitive vertical markets.

 WISE-PaaS Portal

WISE-PaaS Portal

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