• Monitoring the Concrete Curing Process

    Kolon Benit's real-time concrete curing monitoring service uses IoT technology to detect temperature differences when curing concrete is collected from temperature sensors installed for quality control at construction sites.

  • The Journey to a New Scalable Easy-to-Use Industry 4.0

    New IoT technologies enable the development of smart factory infrastructures for the communication networks to be applied directly to industrial plants in the name of speed, security, and ease of use. The future of manufacturing will benefit companies, employees, investors, and global customers in the IoT era.

    2019/11/11 | Source:Advantech Industrial IoT Group
  • 5G networks: to slice or not to slice?

    The visualized world of 5G persists on revisiting digital strategies, investments on technology, and architectural solutions; early adopters are in line to pioneer a business, societal, and global revolution even. But that’s that; the question lies in just how soon we can leverage 5G into making all this happen.

    2019/11/11 | Source:World Economic Forum
  • IoT and AI at the Edge

    Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things, when paired together, create the Artificial Intelligence of Things.

    2019/10/31 | Source:Analytics Insight
  • Robotic Manufacturing for Automobiles

    The automotive industry has seen the biggest users of automated robotic systems in the manufacturing sector. Large robotic arms with high payload capabilities and long reach move freely to spot weld car body panels, install windshields or mount wheels, while smaller robots are used to weld and mount subassemblies like brackets.

    2019/10/31 | Source:Advantech Embedded-IoT Business Group
  • [Video] Advantech IoT Co-Creation Partner Conference in Malaysia

    Advantech IoT Co-Creation Partner Conference (CCPC) was hosted in Malaysia on the 17th June. Major partners invited to the conference included Malaysia's Ministry of International Trade and Industry; the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation; the University of Malaya; Tunku Abdul Rahman University College; and Fujitsu.

    2019/10/31 | Source:Advantech
  • Taiwan Innotech Expo’s 2019 TIE Future Technology Pavilion Provides Opportunities for Industrial Transformation

    Advantech’s AI driving safety solution enables real-time fleet management with on-board terminals, intelligent cameras, and advanced driver assistance systems.

    2019/10/31 |
  • HITI Industrial Automation Built an Intelligent Energy Management System for a Plastic Materials Factory

    Advantech's Factory Energy Management Solution (FEMS) enabled HITI Industrial Automation to integrate multiple existing systems in the factory to achieve centralized power monitoring and management, while avoiding surplus electricity penalty charges for exceeding contract capacity.

    2019/10/31 | Source:Advantech Industrial IoT Group
  • DLT Series of Vehicle-Mounted Computers Now SOTI MobiControl Certified for Mobile Management

    Advantech announces that all of its DLT series of rugged vehicle-mounted computers have been certified for SOTI MobiControl.

    2019/10/31 | Source:Advantech
  • Study: Companies using AI and IoT together catapult ahead of competitors using IoT alone

    AI and IoT Adoption Increase as Leaders Target Revenue Growth, Faster Planning

    2019/10/31 | Source:AiThority

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